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ResMed VPAP Adapt SV

ResMed is the manufacturer of the Adapt SV Advanced machine for the treatment of central sleep apnea (CSA, Complex sleep apnea as well as obstructive sleep apnea. Adaptive Servo Ventilation is the technology ResMed uses for treating these types of sleep breathing disorders in their ASV machines. Adaptive Servo Ventilation works in a technologically advanced way. Whenever it detects significant reductions or pauses in breathing, it intervenes with just enough support to maintain the patient's breathing at 90% of what had been normal for that individual just prior to the decrease in breathing. Then, when the patient's breathing problem ends, the machine "backs out" gently.

Also, when your breathing becomes stable, the ASV provides enough pressure support to help keep your airway open thereby providing an approximate 50% reduction in the work of breathing. The ResMed VPAP Adapt SV is subtle in its interventions and it continuously adjusts itself to meet your needs with algorithms that are designed to feel like a normal breathing pattern so you don't feel like your trying to adjust your breathing to the machine. This inevitably makes the therapy more comfortable which leads to a higher likelihood of you continuing therapy and maintaining compliance.

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ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt 36057
ResMed VPAP™ Adapt with H5i™ Humidifier and ClimateLine™
Your Price: $3,549.00
ResMed VPAP™ Adapt with H5i™ Humidifier and ClimateLine™
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S9 VPAP™ Adapt is an adaptive servo-ventilator with a backup rate specifically designed to treat central sleep apnea (CSA) in all forms, including mixed sleep apnea, complex sleep apnea (CompSA) and periodic breathing such as Cheyne–Stokes respiration.
ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt-36007
ResMed S9 VPAP™ Adapt SV
MSRP: $4,600.00
Your Price: $3,300.00
You Save: $1,300.00
ResMed S9 VPAP™ Adapt SV
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The ResMed S9 VPAP Adapt SV is a bi-level type machine that uses servo-ventillation therapy to treat central sleep apnea. The breathing algorhythms of this machine are highly advanced to provide optimal therapy.