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ResMed S9™ Series Hypo-Allergenic CPAP Filter(s)

ResMed S9 Hypoallerginic Filters
ResMed S9 Hypoallerginic FiltersResMed S9 Hypo-allergenic CPAP and VPAP Filters
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Hypo-Allergenic CPAP machine filters for the ResMed S9™ Series CPAP machines; S9 Elite™, S9 Escape™, and S9 AutoSet™. S9 Escape Auto™, VPAP S, Auto, ST, and Adapt. Available in quantities of 1, 2, 12, and 50.
Manufacturer: ResMed

MPN: 36856
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Hypo-Allergenic CPAP Machine Filters for ResMed S9 Series

These are the ResMed brand manufactured Hypo-Allergenic CPAP and VPAP machine filters. These filters are an additional step in preventing dust, debris, and pollen from entering your CPAP machine. If you are susceptible to allergies, either seasonaly or not, a hypo-allergenic filter is recommended for use with your CPAP machine.

To Be Used With The Following CPAP and VPAP Machines:

  • S9 Elite
  • S9 Escape
  • S9 AutoSet
  • S9 Escape Auto
  • S9 VPAP S
  • S9 VPAP Auto
  • S9 VPAP ST
  • S9 VPAP Adapt,/li>

Available Quantities:

  • 1 Pack-36855
  • 2 Pack-36856
  • 12 Pack-36857
  • 50 Pack-36858
Product Category: Health & Beauty > Health Care >
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